Deep Tissue Detox….


Ever since moving to Oregon and almost dying from fungus, Agent Orange, arsenic, liver flukes, and more, I have been on my way to come back into balance through homeopathics,


, nutraceuticals, green smoothies, raw sauerkraut, little to no grains, healthy diet, detox baths, oxygen therapy, electromagnetic therapy, Ron Hubbard’s purification (exercise, saunas, and supplements), a series of liver flushes once a week for 20 weeks and then once a month for maintenance for about a year and a half.  This has helped me come from death to functioning almost as well as I did at 33, but I still have some areas where the tissue is still soggy and lacks flow and energy.kefirherbs,  

4/27/2010  1st session

Heidi Hampe a practitioner at The Cleansing Ministries Rejuvenation Spa put me in an herbal bath for 30 minutes a

Cupping hickies after 3rd session

nd had me scrub my skin with a piece of kelp.  Then she put me face down on an amethyst bio mat and put hot towels on me.  She started hijama a cupping process. They felt like they were pinching and really hurt.  Some spots hurt way too much and she removed them.


She oiled me and used a GuaSha, like scraping my body all up and down my legs, arms and back. It would start hurting more the longer she went over an area.  She then put hot towels on me and some nice soothing pads on my eyelids.

I had so much energy the rest of the afternoon. However, after a long day,I began to feel a little sluggish in the evening and went to sleep early. 


I woke up at 4 a.m. with cramps in my right hip, down the outside of my thigh, and in all the stuck places Heidi was working on my around my shin and calve.  I also had pain in my right shoulder and up my neck.

Cupping hickies

Ohhhh, I was suppose to take a detox bath before bed and didn’t.  So I got up and ran a bath. I put a teaspoon of CALM with Calcium in two cups of water and took 5 Phyto CalMag. I then put a packet of Ola Loa in 2 cups of water, got in bath and sipped on the Ola Loa drink. The bottoms of my feet were black, black, black…  I could scrape the black, pasty, gooey junk out of the bottom of my feet about every 10 minutes for an hour.  (Usually, since I wear acupuncture thongs and drink green smoothies I only get black junk on my feet about once a week now, and only need to scrape them once during a bath.)

My cramps along with the neck and shoulder pain subsided and I went back to bed.

I still have 2-inch diameter circular hickies everywhere Heidi put the cups on. Some are darker, some are spotted like a spotted egg, some are uneven, and some are solid.  There is some bruising, especially where good tissue meets soggy tissue. The tissue, around the hickies, seems a little puffy.  Inside my thighs just above the knees really hurts.


I still have the hickies but not so puffy, and the inner thigh pain is still there but less. There is a tightness on the outside of my left leg that is like a cramp and extends from my hip socket to my knee.  I’ve taken my CALM with Calcium and Phyto CalMag and massage it myself but it still lingers. The bottoms of my feet are a little grey.  I don’t have time for a bath.  It will have to wait until tomorrow.


The outside of my left leg is still in that mild cramp, lingering.  My inner thigh pain has dissipated and a few hickies are fading.  My head was itching and I scratched a lot of lymph goo off.  I am starting to have a pain through my Chakra horizontal plain the one half way between the root Chakra and the solar plexus Chakra.  It is causing my intestines to twist and cramp. I will do a colema tomorrow. I hope that will help.


My feet had black patches this morning, my gut was still cramping, the spot on the inside of my left thigh just about the knee that I told Heidi that it hurt to much and had the cup on only a brief time has dark bruises today and hurts.  I did a colema using the hemo-sonic lymph light up and down my thighs, calves, and back of knees.  It was one of my best sessions.  Then I did a footbath.  It was darker and thicker than usual.  I then slept for a few hours on the amethyst bio mat and now the hickies on my back are almost gone.  I am doing a liver flush tonight. I’ve needed a lot of charcoal for bloating and my intestines are still cramping because of that pain in the Chakra.


I did a colema and passed over two dozen calculi gallstones ¼ inch to ½ inch in diameter, very white.  My liver hurt up high still and I had a friend pound my back up the right side of the spine and across the ribs right under the right scapula. I helped relief the liver pain.  I took a lot of carduss mariana, CALM w/calcium, and ate green soup.  My liver feels better now.


More cramps in the calves and shins last night.  I got up early and took a detox bath.  Still can scrape a lot of lymph goo out of my feet.  Had a green smoothie for breakfast and ate more green soup today. My nerves, head, and bones felt hot and dry.  I made a quart of Skullcap and Passion Flower tea and drank it throughout the day and feel more myself now. A horizontal planar cramp through the solar plexus Chakra started today.  I did not get that I needed another liver flush but asked a friend to do a Reiki procedure to pull down my diaphragm.  It was very painful but after several times the Chakra cramp stop.

I cried during the release and felt great sorrow over not being able to trust the ones in my circle of family and friend ever in my life and not ever have had anyone who took care of me and protected me; images of these times throughout my whole life past before me.


Finally, no cramps, no liver pain, and no more hickies.  My daughter, who thinks it funny to poke my aura, poked my aura right in the middle of the solar plexus where it was still sore from the Reiki treatment.  I burst out in hysterical sobbing and put my head down on the counter and had a good sob overwhelmed with the same emotions that had been released yesterday.  My daughter laid her hand on my shoulder and showed compassion and I recovered pretty quickly. Had a green smoothie for breakfast, lecithin goat milk kefir smoothie, quart of Skullcap and Passion Flower tea, and green soup today.  Had another productive footbath.

5/11/2010  2nd session

This session with Heidi began with a rose petal bath and kelp to scrub with.  A lot of lymph goo still coming out of feet.  Same as last session face down warm towels, cuppings, GuaSha, but a lot more cuppings and then rolled over and did the front side.  Twice as long as last time.  Tissues had changed a lot and so I could tolerate a lot more.

Afterward I did an ozone steam sauna.  When I got home I took a half hour walk.  My legs really started aching the last 5 minutes and I had to really push to make it home.


I could barely get up this morning.  Had cramps in the lower legs and feet and got up several times in the night to take CALM w/ calcium, Phyto CalMag, and Betaine HCl.  Felt awful, even though I felt better in a coming back to life energy way. I took an ionic footbath when I reach the office.  It was orange and grey with white lymph mucous floating on top.  Every time I stood up headache and nausea.  Almost vomited several times.  Put client on colema board with FSM and hemo-sonic lymph light and went into the other room to lie down.  After client left did a colema with liver support with FSM and worked the liver area with lymph light.  Then laid down and slept until the next client arrived.  Hooked them up to FSM and lymph light and laid down on the floor to monitor session.  My abdomen felt so bad that as soon as they left I did another colema.  Then laid down again on the amethyst bio mat.  Around 6 p.m. finally drug myself home and went straight to bed. Even though I was so sick all day everyone that saw me said I looked better.  One even said I looked 20 years younger. I had a green smoothie, and drank a lot of water w/ spectramin and sole during the day.

5/13/2010 1st Cranial Sacral Adjustment

It was amazing as Heidi did hands on energy moving work all over my body how the energy flowed, bubbled, started, stopped, started, etc.  I dreamed a lot. The dreams bubbled, stopped, switched, stopped, started, etc.  My liver felt stuck so I did a liver flush that went very smoothly.


I woke up to a cramp in the bottom of my left foot.  Took CALM w/calcium and then some charcoal.  I worked until 2 p.m. then did a colema followed by a footbath.  Not as much goo as last week and very smooth flow of energy from liver.  Feeling emotionally unstable.  Just breathing through them and feeling into them without attaching them to the present.

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