Detox Journey………….August

7/31 to 8/9

 Continued doing Purification saunas with niacin up to 1250 mg

8/10 to 8/15

I was at a Biodynamic Craniosacral Workshop/Retreat with Neil P. 

 He used me as a demo for neck work.  My neck lengthened, moving about a ¼ inch.  The 2nd cervical vertebra slipped back into place after 54 years of being out of place.  I also had a lot of energy patterns moving like raging rapids then coming to a place of calm.

8/16 to 8/22

Continued doing Purification Saunas keeping niacin at 1250 mg.  The top of my neck still adapting to the shifts feels like there is an axe in it often.  Because of childhood abuse working out still my portal valve and intestine start to shut down, freeze up, lock along with the axe in my neck.  I am dumping a lot of emotional shit.


I was invited last minute to a sweat lodge and went.  The top of my liver started hurting toward the beginning of the sweat.  After a while it hurt so badly I lay down, curling up in a ball on my side, in the sweat lodge.  Toward the end of the 2.5 hours of the sweat my portal valve slammed shut.  There wasn’t much room but I rolled over on my back keeping my knees bent and stretched my right side while massaging the valve. The cramp gradually eased up.  I was o.k. afterward but was weak and tired.

8/24 Tuesday

There was that burning axe in the top of my neck again with a burning brain too.  I did an ionic footbath and the pain lessened to a manageable level.  The water had a lot of dark orange acid and floating lymph mucus/fungus.  My feet were red and sort of burned and itched up my ankle to the line, which had been the water level line.  It relieved the pain enough that I was able to work all day.

8/25 Wednesday; 8th cupping session with Heidi Hampe, Ayurvedic Practitioner  

I still had that burning axe in the top of my neck with a burning brain although not as intense as yesterday so when I had a cancellation I did another ionic footbath.  It looked the same as yesterday but not as dense or intense and no red feet this time. It relieved the pain enough to make it easier to work. At the end of work I took 1250 mg niacin, exercise for 30 minutes, and took a 45-minute oxygen steam sauna. Heidi cupped up the back of my legs and then by back, doing after removing the cups.  She then used hot rock to massage my inner thighs,

which have been too tender to cup ever.  It was really painful and left some bruises.  I follow the treatment with a liver flush and took a detox bath.

8/26 Thursday

I had diarrhea from 3 a.m. on so at 5 a.m. I did a colema.  Then went back to sleep.  I woke around 8 a.m. with that burning axe in the top of my neck and a burning brain so I did another ionic footbath.  The water had a lot of floating lymph mucus/fungus but was blackish yellow green. Not much relief in the neck or brain and some nausea.  I had to lie down between clients. After work I went to a friends and lay out in the sun for a couple of hours and felt relief but when riding back to the office the axe burning in the top of my neck, burning brain, and nausea came back with a revenge and I had to lay the seat back to recline for the duration of the drive.  My neck felt so unstable I did not know if I could drive home, but I pulled myself together and got home. I went right to bed and a friend made me dinner.  Then I felt a little better and went to sleep.

8/27 Friday

I feel a lot better today with just a whisper of the pain left.

8/28 Saturday

My blood pressure was only 80/54 today, so I could not donate a pint of blood.  The triage I did to help bring it back to normal was 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt, 1 teaspoon of Pleo-Alkala, 1 teaspoon CALM, 2 Tablespoons of liquid potassium, 6 Tablespoons of turbinado sugar, and the juice of 2 lemons in a gallon of water.  I drank one cup of this mixture per hour.  This really helped to ground me and not be floating and spacey feeling.

8/29 Sunday

My blood pressure is back to my normal 100/69.  Sometimes I have gotten it as high as 120/80 but that is rare.  I am feeling good.

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Detox Journey……July

7/1 Thursday 7th session with Heidi Hampe, Ayurvedic Practitioner
Woke up again with a liver headache so I came in to the office early and did a colema.  More white stones came out and I felt a lot better. But felt the liver was still moving and prepared for another flush. Starting in the afternoon so I did not have to work right after. I took 250 mg niacin, exercise for 30 minutes, and took a 45-minute oxygen steam sauna. In the sauna a lot of black came out of my tailbone and feet. Lymph mucus also rolled out of my legs, arms, shoulders, and chest as I rubbed them. I felt nauseated when I got out. I drank some charcoal and then laid on an Amethyst BioMat while getting cupped, hot compresses, and Guasha for 2 hours.  She started cupping on my stomach and I thought I was going to throw up.  Nausea came and went the whole session. It is amazing how my tissues are changing and are not as painful during cupping and Guasha.  My legs are beginning to release an icky, nauseating, gray, icy cold, from deep within, but the color disappears right away.

7/2 Friday
I felt much better after last nights liver flush. No more headache but a little discomfort at the top of the liver that I pounded all day.  Had five or more releases today.  All with eighth inch or smaller black particles cover the top of the toilet water.  I did the Purification sauna after work taking 750 mg of niacin, exercised for 30 minutes, took a 45-minute oxygen steam sauna, and a 90-minute far infrared sauna. I sweated a lot more as well as easier than when I did the Purification last summer.  I drank Epsom Salt water, and two-Ola Loa Energy while in the saunas and took several cool showers.   I finished the liver flush at home.

7/3 Saturday
Woke up several times in the night with lower right leg and foot cramps.  I took CALM w/calcium, Pleo-Alkala, and several Phyto CalMag caps throughout the night.  Early this morning I got into a detox bath.  A lot more black came out of my feet and I sweated from the head down the whole hour.  My body is releasing so much better. My liver does not hurt or feel like it needs to move and is finally calm but I have another slight liver headache.

Later this morning I did a colema. I felt some blockage in that same area under the right rib cage and Guasha deeply to move the mass around and more white stones came out.  Then I did the Purification sauna, took 1000 mg of niacin, exercised for 30 minutes, took a 45-minute oxygen steam sauna, and a 90-minute far infrared sauna. I took 3-Ola Loa Energy during the Purification and took several cool showers. I also took a couple of doses of CALM w/calcium, Pleo-Alkala, several Phyto CalMag caps, Betaine HCl, and Phi Zymes.
No more headache.

I spent the rest of the day relaxing at a friend’s house and laying naked in the sun from 3 to 5 p.m. and dipping in the pool several times.  

7/4 Sunday
Every morning I take CALM w/calcium, Pleo-Alkala, several Phyto CalMag caps, Betaine HCl, a proteolytic enzyme like Phi-Zymes, Boluoke, or Nattokinase.  A little while later I have a Green Smoothie.  With my Green Smoothie I have been taking Milk Thistle, Colon Clear, Cholachol (bile salts), and Uva Ursi to help support the liver, the flow, and the kidneys.

This afternoon I did a colema and a few more white stones came out.  I continued with the Purification sauna, took 1500 mg of niacin, exercised for 30 minutes, took a 45-minute oxygen steam sauna, and a 90-minute far infrared sauna.  I took 4-Ola Loa Energy during the Purification and took several cool showers. I also took a couple of doses of CALM w/calcium, Pleo-Alkala, several Phyto CalMag caps, Betaine HCl, and Phi Zymes.  My liver seems to be at peace and calm.

7/5 Monday
I slept better than I have in a long time and woke up late.  Had a long day at work. No detox today.  The bottoms of my feet stayed pink and no gray or black for the first time since I started wearing Accu Step thongs several years ago.

7/6 Tuesday
By the end of the day today my feet were a little gray so I did an ionic footbath.  My thighs were hurting from exercising extra this weekend.  A lot of orange brown came out in the footbath because of all the lactic acid.  My thighs felt much better afterward.

7/7 Wednesday
Woke up with lower leg and foot cramps at 2:30 a.m. Liver Time.  That liver is dumping again.  I have a little liver headache. I took CALM w/calcium, Pleo-Alkala, several Phyto CalMag caps, Betaine HCl, and Phi Zymes. Then I went back to sleep. When I woke up for the day I took CALM w/calcium, Pleo-Alkala, several Phyto CalMag caps, Betaine HCl, and Phi Zymes again, and a third time during the workday. Bowels loose and moving a lot of orange and slightly acid debris and a few small floating stones.  Another bunch of stone up under the right rib cage again this afternoon and massaged them to move them.  Worked to late to shop for supplies to do a full liver flush.

7/8 Thursday
Woke up at 2:30 a.m. again, gurgling bowels, passing gas, and slight liver headache.  Drank 1 lemon, ¼ cup olive, 1 cup of water blended together (mini-liver flush).  I felt a little stuck in the digestive track today and ate very little.

7/9 Friday
My intestines felt stuck all day like toward the end of yesterday and I could barely drink anything or eat.  I went to Harbin Hot Springs after work and sat in the mineral bath.  I could get really deep into my abdomen because I was so empty and could feel the tight intestine along the back of the inside of my body.  They did not want to move at all.  After I soaked a while they began to move a little.  I went in to the hot then cold, back and forth several times, then went back into the mineral bath.  That locked up portion of my colon started to move quite a bit more.  Then I went into the steam sauna.  After that I lay down in the dry sauna and massaged my abdomen again.  I could felt hardness in the lower left quadrant and worked on moving that.  My intestines start moving again and were no longer tight and locked up.  By the time I got home at 1 a.m. I was finally hungry and could eat a little before going to bed.

7/10 Saturday
I woke with a slight liver headache and took CALM w/calcium, Pleo-Alkala, several Phyto CalMag caps, Betaine HCl, and Phi Zymes.  An hour later I drank ¼ cup of olive oil with the juice of one grapefruit. Several of small green stone came out with each of several evacuations.  For lunch I only ate 2 organic bananas, then had a third one later for a snack and some water kefir.  I lay in the sun and swam laps from 3-5 p.m. and then had two over easy eggs and some steamed snap peas for dinner.

7/11 – 7/15
Continued normal detox daily routine. I had some tightness in abdomen every day and massaged my colon a lot.  I could not eat much.

I went a stayed on Cobb mountain and sunbathed and swam at a lake.  It was beautiful. I ate.  I had cactus tacos and black beans for dinner one night, and nori wraps with blended cashews and tamari spread, avocados, grated beets, sprouts, and kale the other night. During the day I ate my apple kefir, egg yolk, lecithin as I do every day and watermelon.
The emotional release that causes my intestines to lock up were still working out of me and I had a melt down day on Sunday.  My portal valve shut down and I could not eat or swim.  My pulses were really weak and I had to work a lot or acupressure points sobbing with grief and sorrow while lying in that beautiful place in the sun.

7/19 – 7/23
Regular work week, still having weak pulses, having to pace myself, doing my regular detox lifestyle, mostly liquid; KDY, KST, skullcap, cramp bark teas; some watermelon and avocados; each day a little stronger, but crying easily each day.  On Friday an energy worker checked me out and said I had a virus in my heart, a bacteria in my solar plexis, and a worm in my spinal column.  I am now using a BioMediChi on my heart and solar plexis and patches on my thymus and L2 vertebrae.  I am near the core of the onion I have metaphorically been peeling and my body is finally kicking out little pockets of pathogens that have been locked up for sooooo long.

7/24 Saturday
Went to see Radiya Heather Austin, Acupuncturist for acupuncture. She worked on strengthening and movement on liver, kidney, stomach, but also had to work on blood sugar points to balance and strengthen the pulses.  I felt better after and very relaxed in the core of me.  I then went and sunbathed and swam a few laps.  I ate pineapple, grapes, and water kefir.  I was able finally to eat buffalo and steamed green vegetables for dinner.

7/25 Sunday
My stomach was bothering me a bit this morning and I drank an Aloe/Guava drink that helped my stomach a lot. Then I went to church. The rest of the day I rested and knitted and ate my normal diet.  

7/26 – 7/28
Regular workweek, feeling stronger, still having to pace myself
Took 750 mg of niacin, exercised for about 15 minute when my solar plexis, occipital, and nose and mouth area started to burn and tingle with the niacin flush.  The solar plexis flush was quite intense so I stopped exercising and got right into the oxygen steam sauna.  In just a few minutes everything calmed down.  I steamed for about 45 minutes and then got into the far infrared sauna after drinking CALM, Tri-Salts, and Ola Loa.  I stayed in the far infrared sauna for about an hour but got out a little early because I stopped sweating. I had enough lemons to make a quart of the Master Cleanse.  This usually helps get the sweating to start again by opening a stuck system.

7/29 Thursday – Cranial Sacral Session w/Heidi

My pulse was weak and rapid so was not ready for more cupping.  I was also stuck.  So, I made a quart of tea combining horsetail, KDY, KST, skullcap, and passionflower to open the kidneys, calm nerves, and improve flow of circulation.  I also made half a gallon of the Master Cleanse. I drank all this by the time Heidi started on me.

As Heidi was focusing her hands and energy over the core of my body I went into a light sleep.  Then when she was at my head with one hand on my left clavicle and one on my right clavicle she woke me up and told me my right lung was not moving and to try an breathe into it.  I could barely do that and it hurt in several spots.  She decided to cup just the right lung area where those pain spots were.  That really helped to release the energy that was holding the lung to tightly.  She then checked my pulse and said it felt weak and rapid like a bunny running from a predator with not safe place to hide.  I immediately went to those emotions I felt as a small girl when I knew my father was coming to do sexual things with me and having no place to hide and no way to get away from and no one to help me.  I started sobbing.  

Heidi went back to my two clavicles to see if the energy would then move.  The right clavicle area still felt a little stuck so she place both hand on that side.  I then could feel my dad’s hand pushing down my right shoulder and my left lung moving rapid up and down like a scared rabbit.  I started sobbing again releasing deep grief and fear stored in my energy body so long ago.  Then every thing balanced out.  Heidi placed a soft, fuzzy stuff animal under my hands so sweetly and left the room.  This helped me to feel comforted and safe.   


I was much clearer today and felt a sense of freedom.  I was still a little tired.

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