Detox Journey………….August

7/31 to 8/9

 Continued doing Purification saunas with niacin up to 1250 mg

8/10 to 8/15

I was at a Biodynamic Craniosacral Workshop/Retreat with Neil P. 

 He used me as a demo for neck work.  My neck lengthened, moving about a ¼ inch.  The 2nd cervical vertebra slipped back into place after 54 years of being out of place.  I also had a lot of energy patterns moving like raging rapids then coming to a place of calm.

8/16 to 8/22

Continued doing Purification Saunas keeping niacin at 1250 mg.  The top of my neck still adapting to the shifts feels like there is an axe in it often.  Because of childhood abuse working out still my portal valve and intestine start to shut down, freeze up, lock along with the axe in my neck.  I am dumping a lot of emotional shit.


I was invited last minute to a sweat lodge and went.  The top of my liver started hurting toward the beginning of the sweat.  After a while it hurt so badly I lay down, curling up in a ball on my side, in the sweat lodge.  Toward the end of the 2.5 hours of the sweat my portal valve slammed shut.  There wasn’t much room but I rolled over on my back keeping my knees bent and stretched my right side while massaging the valve. The cramp gradually eased up.  I was o.k. afterward but was weak and tired.

8/24 Tuesday

There was that burning axe in the top of my neck again with a burning brain too.  I did an ionic footbath and the pain lessened to a manageable level.  The water had a lot of dark orange acid and floating lymph mucus/fungus.  My feet were red and sort of burned and itched up my ankle to the line, which had been the water level line.  It relieved the pain enough that I was able to work all day.

8/25 Wednesday; 8th cupping session with Heidi Hampe, Ayurvedic Practitioner  

I still had that burning axe in the top of my neck with a burning brain although not as intense as yesterday so when I had a cancellation I did another ionic footbath.  It looked the same as yesterday but not as dense or intense and no red feet this time. It relieved the pain enough to make it easier to work. At the end of work I took 1250 mg niacin, exercise for 30 minutes, and took a 45-minute oxygen steam sauna. Heidi cupped up the back of my legs and then by back, doing after removing the cups.  She then used hot rock to massage my inner thighs,

which have been too tender to cup ever.  It was really painful and left some bruises.  I follow the treatment with a liver flush and took a detox bath.

8/26 Thursday

I had diarrhea from 3 a.m. on so at 5 a.m. I did a colema.  Then went back to sleep.  I woke around 8 a.m. with that burning axe in the top of my neck and a burning brain so I did another ionic footbath.  The water had a lot of floating lymph mucus/fungus but was blackish yellow green. Not much relief in the neck or brain and some nausea.  I had to lie down between clients. After work I went to a friends and lay out in the sun for a couple of hours and felt relief but when riding back to the office the axe burning in the top of my neck, burning brain, and nausea came back with a revenge and I had to lay the seat back to recline for the duration of the drive.  My neck felt so unstable I did not know if I could drive home, but I pulled myself together and got home. I went right to bed and a friend made me dinner.  Then I felt a little better and went to sleep.

8/27 Friday

I feel a lot better today with just a whisper of the pain left.

8/28 Saturday

My blood pressure was only 80/54 today, so I could not donate a pint of blood.  The triage I did to help bring it back to normal was 1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt, 1 teaspoon of Pleo-Alkala, 1 teaspoon CALM, 2 Tablespoons of liquid potassium, 6 Tablespoons of turbinado sugar, and the juice of 2 lemons in a gallon of water.  I drank one cup of this mixture per hour.  This really helped to ground me and not be floating and spacey feeling.

8/29 Sunday

My blood pressure is back to my normal 100/69.  Sometimes I have gotten it as high as 120/80 but that is rare.  I am feeling good.

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