Detox Journey…….April


Here it is almost a year after moving through the healing crisis to a new plateau of health.  A peace that passes all understand, clearer thoughts, more energy, less supplement, less detoxing and still feel better that I have in years.  During this time of silence I have had 4 Riechian breathing sessions that helped me move through contractions, weekly Purification saunas and Ionic foot baths,  and monthly liver flushes with colon hydro therapy the next day.  Amazingly after several Riechian breathing sessions my 32 C or D cup bra size  jumped to a 36 C cup bra size.  That is a hugh increase in my rib cage size.  It is so much easier to breath now and for a couple of weeks released a lot of toxins again.  Some of the ionic footbaths were relatively clear, but they reeked of the chemicals I was exposed to while working in the soils lab removing asphalt from aggregate and when swimming in highly treated pools.  I feel so remarkably better now, calm deep inside, clear headed, peaceful.

I still do green smoothies each morning, take cayenne and turmeric, some betaine HCl,  drink water kefir, eat beet sauerkraut each day, detox about once a week, but after 10 years of hard work it is finally easier and I don’t have to push to do everything day after day just to function.

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